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  • How do I burn powdered incense?
    Most powdered incense is not self-combustible and needs a heat source to burn through. We've found that the best heat sources are non-toxic charcoal disks made by Swift Lite or Three Kings brands. Packs of charcoal disks (10 disks to a package) are available in the store. The Artemisia Negra Dream blend incense contains a large percentage of mugwort. Mugwort is self-combustible and burns by itself. The Dream Blend may be burned without the aid of a charcoal disk. See the question below for a video on how to burn AN Dream Incense!
  • How do I burn the Dream blend without a charcoal or mini-cauldron?
  • How do you use powdered incense as a ritual tool?
    There are many ways to use incense. The possibilities are endless! Use incense as a smudge for your home, workspace, or altar to clear and purify those spaces of unwanted energy. If you are a hands-on-healer (massage therapist, reiki practitioner or energy worker) "wash" your hands in incense smoke before and after treatments. Burn while crafting spells and incantations to help focus and amplify your intentions. Burn incense before a gathering to activate good vibes as people enter. Scent has the ability to emotionally unify a group of people.
  • Do you make custom blends?
    Yes! We'd be delighted to make a custom blend for you! Contact us directly to discuss recipes and place an order.
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