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The Bountiful Harvest

This is me, gently gathering mugwort, root and stem, at my friend's farm on the Bashakill wetlands. Those plants that joined me on this medicine journey were dried and made into the incenses I'm offering on this website. I believe that incense is a medicine for our souls. The scent of mugwort and other plants, roots and resins has the capacity to trigger memory and past life experiences so that we can heal present trauma. Incense burned during ritual practice binds us to the Invisible Realms of spirit. I like using mostly plant matter in the blends I make. It's an alchemical choice to add actual rose petals or vetiver grass to a mix. For this soulful, scent-filled offering, the plants themselves must be part of language of the smoke. I add organic oils too, but mostly, Artemisia Negra incense powder contains the energy of plants because that's where the medicine lives.

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