DREAM blend contains mugwort, frankincense, vetiver wood and organic vetiver oil. Mugwort is also known as artemisia vulgaris. Artemisia plants grow all over the world. For example, the artemisia afra is one form of the artemisia genus that is indigenous to Africa with wide distribution thoughout the continent. It has been used medicianally and magically by bush doctors and shamans for centuries. It's shamanic uses include its ability to induce lucid dreaming and to provide protection while walking in the dream and waking worlds. Vetiver adds a beautiful calming and meditative quality to the lucid dreaming space. Together, mugwort and vetiver are a "dream team".  Frankincense adds extra oomph to the blend because of its ability to amplify the magical qualities of incense blends. The intention of this blend is to offer a tool to use the dream space creatively and to invite dreamers to consider the new pathways and ideas that dreams relay for personal empowerment and growth. 



DREAM and A LOVE SUPREME are self-igniting, there is no need for a charcoal disk. Use all flammable products with attention and intention. 


  • INCLUDES half ounce sizes of three Artemisia Negra blends and a roll of charcoal discs (10 discs per roll.)


    TEMPLE contains mugwort, frankincense, myrrh, copal and dragon's blood resins with organic frankincense and myrrh oils. This blend contains ancient scents that inspire divine reflection. It's great to burn while meditating and is an excellent smudge for cleansing and clearing your home or work place. While mugwort protects, frankincence, myrrh and copal are the trinity of sacred resins. Dragon's blood amplifies the intention of the blend to clear spaces of disruptive energy and connect you to your creativity, divinity and personal power. Requires at charcoal disc for smooth burning.


    A LOVE SUPREME is a powerfully luscious scent made from mugwort, rose petals and patchouli with hints of organic ylang-ylang essential oil. Great for ancestor appreciation altar work and body smudging for protection. Gently and sweetly entices the endearment of others when in public space. A LOVE SUPREME lingers in the air a while after the powder has burned, leaving a beautiful loving energy in the space.